Food and Agriculture: US 2018

Food and Agriculture: US 2018

Globally, food and agriculture is a $7.8 trillion industry, global investments in the food and agriculture sector have grown three-fold since 2004 and, according to a 2013 McKinsey report, on average have demonstrated higher returns to shareholders than other sectors. In the US, agriculture, food and related industries generated 5.5% of the country’s GDP at $992 billion, $137 billion of that coming directly from US farms.

Despite this activity, there are several unmet challenges facing stakeholders across the supply chain in food & agriculture. In the current market, producers are increasingly pushed to produce more with less, data is being captured by disparate players in different parts of the value chain, and consumers are becoming increasingly focused on the lifecycle of their food.  

Village Capital and our partners recognize that these challenges are highly interconnected and that real solutions will require collaboration and systems-level thinking. With this in mind, our US Agriculture 2018 program will support ventures from across the value chain who are helping stakeholders provide sustainable, healthy and accessible agricultural goods to drive a better food and agriculture system.

In partnership with The Campbell Soup Company, Village Capital will continue the longest-running program for ventures tackling challenges in the food and agriculture sector. The program will support entrepreneurs with an award-winning program curriculum, 1:1 mentorship with sector leaders, and tailored engagements with strategic partners and investors. At the end of the program, the top two peer-selected companies will each receive $75,000 in pre-committed investment.



Eligible Enterprises:

Building a better food & agriculture system requires innovation at every level of our supply chain. This includes, but is not limited to, innovations around:

  • Precision agriculture and technologies and services that encourage more sustainable growing practices
  • Driving better market access and appropriate technology for local food systems and/or sustainable agriculture
  • Efficiencies in supply chain management, traceability and food safety
  • Increasing access to and availability of healthy, sustainable food

Program Dates:

  • Workshop 1- Chicago, IL: April 24-27
  • Workshop 2- Raleigh, NC: June 5– 8
  • Workshop 3- San Francisco, CA: July 17-20

Applications will close at 5pm EST on Friday, February 2nd.


Email: [email protected]


Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence provides data driven services for the food and agriculture market, delivering insights that improve quality, crop yield and sustainability.

Augean Robotics

Augean Robotics is solving the labor problem faced by farmers beginning first with Burro, a robotic following platform for work outdoors.

Cambridge Crops

Cambridge Crops creates edible and natural biomaterial food coating that extends the shelf life of perishable foods.


Cerahelix manufactures advanced molecular filters that simplify the wastewater re-use process.


Goodr is a sustainable surplus food management company, leveraging technology to combat hunger and reduce food waste.

Mobius (Grow Bioplastics)

Mobius develops naturally degradable and compostable plastics made from lignin, a waste product, for applications in agriculture, packaging, and beyond.


ProteoSense provides food processors with a biosensor technology that detects pathogens at the front end of the supply chain in 90 minutes or less.

Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry transforms juice pulp, into delicious and nutritious snacks that make it easy to eat more servings of fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Seal the Seasons

Seal the Seasons brings farm-to-table products to grocers year-round by freezing and marketing local food from local farms.


SwineTech provides technologies to prevent piglet deaths due to disease, starvation, and crushing.

Vega Coffee

Vega Coffee is the first specialty coffee roasted at origin and delivered directly to customers in the US within 5 days of roasting.

Wexus Technologies

Wexus Technologies Inc is an IoT software company that empowers farmers and food processors to drive energy and water efficiency and reduce waste and costs.



Daniel Sonke Campbell Soup Company
Julie Morris UC Davis Graduate School of Management
Mary Shelman Agribusiness
Nathan Dorn Food Origins
Patrick Morand Open Prairie
Whitney Muse Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners
Betsy Foster Whole Foods Market
Derk Hendriksen The Coca-Cola Company
James Macon Closed Loop Capital
Nick Houshower Equilibrium Capital
Wood Turner Agriculture Capital Management