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About our Programs for Entrepreneurs

We fuel the growth of sustainable and impactful businesses by unlocking capital for early-stage entrepreneurs who are building emergent solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges around the world.

We’ve run 150+ accelerators. We equip founders with unique tools to increase their efficiency, sustainability, impact, and inclusiveness.

Entrepreneurs, read on for opportunities to apply to our programs.

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Impact Report 2023 - Meta Graphic

Breaking the Mold: A Year of Entrepreneurial Reimagination

Since 2009, our team at Village Capital has been helping impact-creating entrepreneurs get the social and financial capital they need to bring their ideas from vision to scale. We do this within our accelerators and outside our accelerator programs, too – by designing, testing, and sharing new tools, research, technology, and processes around equitable entrepreneurship.

Global Game Changers Blog

Global Game Changers: The Impact of VilCap Alumni

Impact creating startups are dynamic and evolving at the intersection of finance, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

Blog Moody-s LatAm 2023 Nuevas empresas que emergen para restaurar el mundo antiguo

Rewilding: Startup Stories That Restore Our World

Greentech will be the salvation of our world. Through initiatives that limit our impact on the environment, humans can minimize continued damage to our home – our source of survival.