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Our mission is to reinvent the system to back the entrepreneurs of the future. Our vision is a future where business builds equity and long-term prosperity.

Entrepreneurship Today

Entrepreneurship is a critical tool for solving the world's biggest problems. But right now, a handful of people in a handful of cities are deciding which entrepreneurs get a chance to succeed. Venture capital funding flows to a homogenous group of founders, with a bias toward men and major tech hubs.

In addition to our on-the-ground work with entrepreneurs, we work on a system level to make impact investing more inclusive and to drive capital to a broader set of entrepreneurs.

We do this by designing, testing, and sharing new tools, technology, and processes around equitable entrepreneurship.

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Roughly 2-9% of global

venture capital goes to female founders

Less than 4% of VC

in the US goes to Black/Latinx founders

Around 50% of global

VC goes to three US states: NY, MA, and CA

The result?

A monoculture in tech

For more than a decade our team at Village Capital has been designing, testing and sharing tools and processes to correct this imbalance and drive more investment to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Why? Because we believe that a diversity of backgrounds and lived experience lead to a diversity of ideas, and diversity of ideas leads to a diversity of solutions to our growing global challenges. This is especially important in emergent sectors where tech innovation is being harnessed for good, likeJustice TechClimate TechCivic TechRefugee TechShelter Tech.

How do we work?


We help them accelerate their investment readiness through milestone-based approach and expanding access to social and financial capital.

Entrepreneur Support Organizations

We equip them with unique tools to increase their efficiency, sustainability, impact and inclusiveness.


We provide tools, strategies, and pipeline to increase the flow of capital to impact-creating, diverse-led businesses.

Capital Providers

We structure, manage, and support funds that offer a variety of financing tools to impact-creating startups including equity, debt, and revenue-share, among others.

Our ecosystem approach is driven by a relentless focus on creating a more inclusive system. We build, test, and scale unique approaches.

Read on for examples of our work: peer-selected investmentgender lens researchVIRAL and Abaca investment-readiness frameworksESO Diagnostic.

Ultimately, we want to bring more people and more perspectives into the global engine of entrepreneurship.