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Justice Tech:

[ juh·stuhs tek ] noun.

Technology-enabled innovation that supports people affected by the US criminal and civil justice system from initial interception by law enforcement to incarceration to reentry*.

An opportunity ripe for investment.

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Arrested every year:

10 Million


Currently incarcerated or under supervision:

6.7 Million


Living with a criminal record:

77 Million

We see an opportunity to invest in entrepreneurs building scalable justice tech solutions.

The Verticals

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Financial Health

Technology that helps justice system-involved people and their families achieve financial security and stability and the ability to thrive.

Justice Tech future of work icon

Future Of Work

Technology that expands access to education and employment for justice system-involved people.

Justice Tech GovTech


Technology that makes government systems (like the courts) more accessible or efficient.

Justice Tech Healthcare Icon


Technology that supports the mental and physical health of currently and formerly incarcerated people.

Justice Tech Legal Tech Icon


Technology that expands access to both civil legal resources and criminal legal representation after arrest.

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Communications Technology

Technology that helps just system- involved people stay connected with family, friends and service providers, from arrest through reentry.

Justice Tech Startup Ecosystem

We've mapped out a snapshot of the Justice Tech startup ecosystem, organized by their tech verticals and the stage of the justice system on which they focus. As the Justice Tech space continues to grow, we also encourage you to check out the growing database of Justice Tech startups created by the founders of Paladin.

Justice Tech Investor Network

Village Capital and American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact are creating a community of investors to mobilize investment capital towards Justice Tech.

This network will create a safe space to:

  • Demystify justice tech and discuss ethical challenges

  • Share best practices in identifying and supporting justice tech startups

  • Contribute to creating an impact framework for mobilizing investment capital in the Justice Tech space: "Justice Tech Lens Investing"

Get in Touch

Village Capital and AmFam Institute are building out the Justice Tech Investor Network in 2021. If you are an investor, impact-management leader, and/or other stakeholder interested in learning more and joining us, please email or fill out this contact form.

Justice Tech Advisory Board

This report informed and inspired by that summit, as well as more than 150 hours of additional interviews and meetings with Advisory Board members and entrepreneurs. Thank you to the Advisory Board and leaders for their time perspectives.

*It is important for us to recognize that Justice Tech is a larger domain of entrepreneurship that can encompass racial, environmental, LGBTQIA+, and economic justice among others. The area we will be exploring with this partnership is the ways in which Justice Tech intersects with the US criminal and civil justice system. We would like to echo calls from intersectional leaders that it is important to not narrow the conversation of justice solely to criminal and civil justice to the detriment of a holistic perspective including other systems.