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United States

Roughly 75% of venture capital in the United States goes to three states: New York, Massachusetts and California. With our headquarters in Washington, DC, we have always been passionate about supporting startups across the US, including innovation happening between the coasts.

We have run more than 40 accelerators in the US that have supported 600 startups. We're proud that 80% of our US alumni are located outside the top three states.

The Latest

  • We released a report, Reinventing the Career Center, that highlights entrepreneurs innovating around digital credentialing, micro-internships, job matching and more.

Accelerators At A Glance

Finance Forward US 2019

Only 28% percent of people in the United States are considered financially healthy. Our accelerator with partners MetLife Foundation and PayPal supports startups using tech to help people and small businesses manage their everyday finances and build wealth. Read more.

Food and Agriculture US 2018

The way we eat and grow food is a major contributor to climate change. Our accelerator with the Campbell Soup Company, UBS, and QBE supported startups working across the value chain to drive sustainable agriculture. Read more.

Primed: A Roundtable Series on Tech Enabled Innovation in Medicaid

We hosted a roundtable series, in collaboration with the California Health Care Foundation, to discuss technology-enabled solutions for state Medicaid delivery systems. Read more.


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