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Latin America is a hotbed of emerging innovation. Across the region from São Paulo to Santiago and Mexico City to Buenos Aires — Latin American cities are becoming global entrepreneurship and technology hubs.

Since 2015, Village Capital’s team based in Mexico City has supported over 100 Latin American startups in sectors including financial services, healthcare, sustainable water and housing, and agriculture.

The Latest

  • Meet this year's cohort for Finance Forward Latin America with MetLife Foundation in Brazil and Mexico, and Moody's.

  • Meet the selected startups for the accelerator program Future of Food Latin America with Visa Foundation.

  • Our latest report highlights entrepreneurs who ensure that advances in financial health in Latin America are shared by all. Investors and other ecosystem players can read our takeaways to keep strengthening access to financial services.

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Accelerators at a glance

  • Finance Forward Latin America 2021: Village Capital, MetLife Foundation in Brazil and Mexico and Moody’s, will support financial health startups. Read more.

  • Future of Food Latin America 2021: Village Capital and Visa Foundation, will support startups that are tackling the region’s most pressing challenges in the agritech and foodtech sectors. Read more.

  • ShelterTech in the Andean Region: Village Capital and Habitat for Humanity are supporting startups that are solving urgent housing needs in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Read more.

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“At Village Capital’s accelerator we received help from the best. We learned from mentors that you would usually have to pay to meet. We grew our contacts, got press attention and attracted investment opportunities. Our customer segmentation was never sharper. Our unit economics were projected to the last cent. Our value proposition was as polished as a lieutenant’s shoe. By the end, we no longer who cared who wins. We knew who wins: we all do.”

Armando Kuroda, CredilikemeArmando Kuroda, Credilikeme

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