Village Capital


Many industries have extractive practices which leave their supply chain, communities or the environment worse than they found it. 

Our Sustainability Practice helps scale entrepreneurial solutions to support sustainable agriculture, encourage climate resilient development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve overall health and wellness communities across the world.

The Latest

• We released a report, Growing a Sustainable Food System, that highlights entrepreneurs that are driving sustainable agriculture innovation from farm to table.

Accelerators At A Glance

Agriculture: Africa 2019

Our current accelerator, Agriculture: Africa 2019, is working with startups that have the potential to raise productivity for small farmers ,improve and secure the value chain, and strengthen links to markets, all while generating job growth and local economic development.

Food & Agriculture: US 2018

Food and agriculture generate 5.5% of US GDP. Our accelerator with the Campbell Soup Company, UBS, and QBE supported startups working across the value chain to drive sustainable agriculture. Read more.

Primed: A Roundtable Series on Tech Enabled Innovation in Medicaid

We hosted a roundtable series, in collaboration with the California Health Care Foundation, to discuss technology-enabled solutions for state Medicaid delivery systems. Read more.


Past and Current Partners