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Future of Work

Technology is changing the nature of work. While automation, robotics and machine learning are expected to make millions of jobs obsolete, there are also thousands of entrepreneurs working to harness these same technologies to improve job quality, empower workers through education and job training, improve employee earning potential and ultimately create new pathways to the middle class.

We’re interested in startups inventing a better future of work and learning.

The Latest

  • Learn about our Workforce of the Future Forum, which brought together 100 senior leaders from across the country whose companies are focused on upskilling and reskilling portions of their workforce to help them remain competitive and prepare for the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • We released a report, Reinventing the Career Center, that highlights entrepreneurs innovating around digital credentialing, micro-internships, job matching and more.

Accelerators At A Glance

Future of Work: US 2018

There are six million unfilled jobs in the US, yet nearly half of Americans consider themselves underemployed. Our accelerator with AT&T, BlackRock, ETS, and Lumina Foundation supported startups working on college-to-career, alternative credentialing, upskilling, and more. Read more.

Automation for Good Forum

Automation and artificial intelligence will displace many jobs, but also create new ones. We partnered with Autodesk Foundation on a forum to showcase startups that are building companies harnessing automation in ways that benefit society and the workforce. Read more.

Education India 2017

India has the largest K-12 student population in the world. While access has improved over time, educational outcomes remain poor. Our accelerator with Omidyar Network supported supported startups that are transforming the way children learn and grow. Read more.


Past and current Partners