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Sustainability Subscribed

Fighting climate change and preserving the planet through the Subscription Economy

About the Program

The last eight years have collectively marked the hottest annual temperatures since 1880. With climate change on the rise, we must reach “net zero” emissions no later than 2050 by drastically reducing emissions and ultimately removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we emit each year.

The Sustainability Subscribed program will support 10-12 entrepreneurs focused on creating solutions to fight climate change and advance sustainability through subscription models in the US.

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We are seeking startups in the US doing at least one of these:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Expand access to clean energy

  • Enhance the resilience and sustainability of food and water systems

  • Bolster circular economy through reduction of waste and regeneration of materials

  • Provide analytical insights used to accelerate sustainability and mitigate climate change

Must be legally incorporated in the US as a for-profit entity; with at least one full time founder based in the US; headquartered or operations in the US market, an MVP, under $1.5 million in equity; and meaningful customer or business validation (e.g., revenue, successful pilots, number of users, and/or strategic partnerships).

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Meet the Cohort

Advisory Board

Amy Konary Zuora
Amy Konary
Global VP, Subscribed Strategy Group, Zuora
Headshot - BrianParham
Brian Parham
Fellow & ASAP Program Manager, Lightsmith Group
Chante Harris SecondMuse
Chante Harris
Director, Climate Investment & Partnerships, Second Muse
Jess Bollinger Arable
Jess Bollinger
VP Sales and Business Development, Arable
Mary King Aligned
Mary King
Investment Associate, Aligned Climate
Mary Shelman Shelman Group
Mary Shelman
Founder, Shelman Group
Megan Guy
General Partner and Co-founder, King River Capital
Michael MacHarg Photo
Michael MacHarg
Senior Fellow, Climate Innovation, Social Solutions International

Startups Benefits

Maze mentoring


Ability to network and receive mentorship from potential strategic partners, customers, founders and investors.



Build deep connections with other founders in your cohort and our larger Village Capital investor and alumni network.

Pen and pencil


Join interactive sessions tailored to help your company identify early milestones and prepare for your next round of capital.



Work with an investment analyst who will coach you 1:1 on building a financial model, identifying unit economics, and using financial metrics to drive business performance and investor diligence.

Alarm clock


Exposure on Village Capital’s program website and other communications collateral.

Best in class


The top two startups selected by peers will receive a grant of USD $50,000.

Program timeline

Applications open

May 11

Applications close

June 13

Cohort confirmed


Program workshops

July - November

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main goal of the program?


2. Do you require us to move to the cities of the program?


3. Do you take equity for participating in the program?