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Backing LatAm’s Middle Class

Innovation to create pathways to the middle class in Latin America

About the Program

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Latin America’s economy is developing rapidly, while the region continues to struggle with issues around inequality and economic mobility that have plagued the region for decades.

Backing LatAm’s Middle Class is an accelerator for startups in Latin America working to improve economic mobility and create pathways to the middle class.

The program will support eight to ten startups focused on improving access to education and job opportunities; expanding access to financial services, or otherwise helping people build wealth.

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Startups Recruitment

• Improving access to education and skill-building opportunities.

• Expanding access to financial services, like insurance, employee benefits, or personal finance tools.

• Increasing access to financial health alternatives for unexpected expenses, savings, and economic mobility.

• Must be legally incorporated as a for-profit entity; under $1 million in annual revenue; and less than 5 years old.


Meet the Cohort

Advisory Board

Carlos Diaz de la Garza, CEO at Moody s Mexico
Carlos Díaz de la Garza
CEO, Moody's Mexico
Daniela Espinoza, Co-Founder and CRO at Kushki
Daniela Espinoza
Co-Founder and CRO, Kushki
Diego Perez, President of ABFintechs
Diego Perez
President, ABFintechs
Elena Cruz, COO at Finnovista
Elena Cruz
Chief Operating Officer, Finnovista
Gabriel Monroy, Co-Founder and CEO at Colektia
Gabriel Monroy
Co-Founder and CEO, Colektia
Gabriela Cibils, Partner at Cibersons
Gabriela Cibils
Partner, Cibersons
Marina Rosemberg, Country Manager at Moody s Investor Services Argentina
Marina Rosemberg
Country Manager, Moody's Investor Services Argentina
Meagan Prins, VC at Quona Capital
Meagan Prins
VC, Quona Capital

Startups Benefits



Build deep connections with other founders in your cohort and our larger Village Capital investor and alumni network.

Maze mentoring


Network with mentors ranging from investors to potential strategic partners and customers.

Pen and pencil


Join interactive sessions tailored to help your company identify early milestones and prepare for your next round of capital.



Work with an investment analyst who will coach you 1:1 on building a financial model, identifying unit economics, and using financial metrics.

Alarm clock


Get featured on Village Capital’s program website and other collateral.

Best in class


Program participants will be offered in-kind support from our benefits partners, including web hosting credits, pro-bono legal support, and more.

Program Timeline

Applications Open

2022 - April 25th

Applications Close

2022 - June 10th

Cohort Confirmed

2022 - July


2022 - July - October

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Do you take equity for participating in the program?