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ADAPT: Social Innovation for a More Resilient Future

Supporting individual and community resilience in Latin America

About the Program

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Latin America is still lagging in providing financial protection to its population, as approximately 192 million Latin Americans do not have access to health care services due to financial limitations. Added to the region's latent financial and health deficiencies, it has been historically affected by climate change, natural disasters, health inequity, as well as food, energy, and economic insecurity.

ADAPT: Social Innovation for a More Resilient Future is an accelerator for impact-driven startups developing bold solutions that enable equity, democratize access, and strengthen communities and individuals in the face of climate change, inequality, and other challenges to individual and community wellbeing.

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Startups Recruitment

  • Disaster Preparedness - Startups that measure climate data, forecast climate needs, or offer affordable insurance solutions. We are also interested in solutions that increase access to sustainable and reliable sources of water, power, and food.

  • Health and Wellness - Startups that help democratize access to clinical information and specialists, promote and support build a more efficient and affordable healthcare and wellness system, including fitness, mental health and wellbeing practices.

  • Financial Resilience - Startups helping the population with little to no credit history build their credit scores and access loans, or startups that use alternative data to give access to underserved communities to receive credit, increase savings or invest to make their capital grow.

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Meet the Cohort

Advisory Board

Nalleli García
Nalleli García
MetLife Foundation
Alfredo Esparza
Alfredo Esparza
Chairman of the Board at MetLife Foundation Mexico
Gabriel Alejandro Garza Caro
Gabriel Alejandro Garza Caro
Co-Founder and Managing Director, DocTour
María Fernanda Trigo Alegre
María Fernanda Trigo Alegre
VP Financial Health LatAm, Independent Consultant
Celina De la Garza
Celina De la Garza
VP of Strategy and Planning, Bankaya
Carolina Rodriguez
Carolina Rodriguez
Deputy Manager of Communications and Culture, MetLife
Gustavo Toledo
Gustavo Toledo
Commercial Director - Employee Benefits, MetLife
Ricardo Latournerie
Ricardo Latournerie
VC Investor, Llama Invest


Have legal incorporation and operations as a for-profit entity in at least one Latin American country, with a particular focus on recruiting on countries identified as priorities for MetLife (Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico).

Have a market-based solution that tackles the challenges for economic resilience, disaster preparedness and health in Latin America.

• Be in compliance under local fiscal and business law.

• Have a minimum viable product (MVP), and raised less than $1M in equity.

• Have meaningful customer or business validation (not limited to revenue, it can also be successful pilot studies, number of users, and/or strategic partnerships).

Startups Benefits

Maze mentoring


Meet industry leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors. 



Build deep connections with other founders in your cohort.

Pen and pencil


Access to live and asynchronous sessions tailored to a virtual learning environment to help their companies identify early milestones and prepare for their next round of capital (if relevant) or big expansion.



Work with an investment analyst who will coach you 1:1 on building a financial model, identifying unit economics, and using financial metrics.

Alarm clock


Participation in a final in-person event culminating in an Investor Forum.

Best in class

Peer Selection

Two companies will be selected by their peers to receive USD $20K in grant funding, each.