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Our Tools for Unlocking Capital for Impact Entrepreneurs

Learn more about the tools in Abaca we’ve been building and testing over the last decade to route capital and support to entrepreneurs – and how you can use them.


Innovating for a More Equitable Ecosystem

Like many of our systems, the world of entrepreneurship was built to empower a select, privileged few to be successful – leaving significant opportunity for impact on the sidelines.

At Village Capital, we’re working to change that. Beyond running accelerator programs – we’re creating tools to unlock capital for entrepreneurs building impactful solutions – from all backgrounds, everywhere. 

NEW: Venture Capital isn’t one-size-fits-all. we just launched a tool for founders to explore different funding options.


Abaca: A Toolbox for Supporting Entrepreneurs

We've combined our experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs, ESOs, and investors, and our research to build a digital product to expand access to capital and support entrepreneurs solving the world’s most urgent challenges. Abaca, a tool created by Village Capital, houses multiple tools that entrepreneurs, ESOs, and capital providers can use. What began as a way to bring our tested accelerator resources and insights online has become a hub for innovation. The idea is that anyone around the world can access these tools. 

But Abaca doesn’t stop here. As we continue to expand our experience and expertise in old and new areas, we’ll continue to build tools that the ecosystem can use. Entrepreneurs can access Abaca for free, and affordable plans are available for ESOs and investors. 

About Capital Explorer

Searching for different types of funding as a startup founder can feel as overwhelming and unhelpful as the results of an internet search of symptoms when you feel under the weather. 

We launched Capital Explorer to help founders cut through the noise and hone in on options for funding that could fit well with their vision and the company’s path forward.

A few questions lead to curated recommendations – from grants to debt to equity – and what to consider in building your strategy. Try the tool now:

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Capital Explorer's Origin Story

"The world of funding can be intricate and overwhelming, but with the Capital Explorer tool, founders are empowered. 

It's not just a tool—it's a compass, guiding entrepreneurs towards the best financing options tailored for them. It has been an honor to collaborate with Village Capital to create such a groundbreaking resource." Aunnie Patton Power, Co-Developer of Capital Explorer and author of Adventure Finance

Developed with support from Laurie Felker Jones, Senior Advisor, Capital Strategist for Profit & Purpose

Capital Explorer on Abaca was made possible by the support of our partners:

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