Village Capital

Products and Tools

Village Capital is creating a growing set of field-building products and tools taken from the most successful innovations of our first 10 years. Learn what Abaca and VilCap Communities can do for you.

Find investment-ready companies that match your criteria

Abaca is a web app that benchmarks entrepreneurs, investors and resources using a common language, and then matches them up like a sophisticated dating site.

Abaca is based on Village Capital’s investment-readiness assessment platform. When founder after founder would say things like, “I wish I had this years ago”, we knew it was time to make our investment-readiness assessment available to entrepreneurs everywhere. Abaca was born. (Read the origin story)

Meanwhile, investors would express frustration with being inundated with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of cold contacts from companies well outside of their investment criteria.

Using its unique assessment and matching algorithm, Abaca helps reduce time and frustration on both sides of the funding conversation.

Run our stuff. It works.


With VilCap Communities, ecosystem leaders can build investable companies and stronger communities without having to reinvent the wheel. More than 50 entrepreneur support organizations globally have used VilCap Communities to jumpstart or improve their programming.

Are you starting a new accelerator or rebooting one and need a proven curriculum and program design? Are you launching a fund and thinking about how to find investable companies while mitigating bias in your investment decisions? Or would you like to help entrepreneurs of the future understand what it takes to scale a company? 

VilCap Communities includes:

  • A library of entrepreneur training curriculum proven effective in growing investment and revenues

  • Program management tools, including task lists and schedule builders

  • Facilitator and mentor guides

  • Access to Abaca for benchmarking and tracking cohort progress

  • Optional Village Capital personnel support and recruiting assistance