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Looking for IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator 2021? Learn more and apply by June 30, 2021.

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator is an investment-readiness program for startups leveraging highly sensitive data to improve access to digital, financial and healthcare services. Each startup will receive technical and business mentorship and will work closely with industry experts, investors, and ecosystem partners to develop the networks they need to scale their solution. Additionally, each startup can earn $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits and there is no fee or equity taken from participating companies.



Every 39 seconds, a hacker attempts to steal personal information from people and businesses around the world. As financial and health services are increasingly offered online, it is more important than ever for businesses to keep their data secure, especially when they are collecting, storing, or transmitting personally identifiable information like medical and financial records. 

IBM, in partnership with Village Capital and Medici, is selecting its second and third cohorts for its IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Program,  an investment-readiness program for startups that are leveraging highly sensitive data to improve access to digital, financial and healthcare services. 

Through the course of  this program, Village Capital will  identify, vet, and recruit 30 companies using highly sensitive data to increase access to digital, financial, and health care solutions. Selected companies will participate in a virtual workshop focused on investment readiness, technical skill development, and networking with a global community of investors and mentors in the datatech space. The virtual workshop will take place in November 2020. 

 Each startup will receive IBM Cloud credits of up to $120,000, participate in 40+ hours of virtual technical and business mentorship, investment milestone planning, and access to IBM and Village Cpatial’s network of partners, investors, stakeholders and mentors. 

The Class of 2020 will also work with IBM collaborators, including IBM Alpha Zone, Queen City Fintech, MEDICI, the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and Female Founders Alliance, and Healthtech Women to help our cohort develop their ideas into sustainable and scalable companies. 

Companies must have an impact focus to be considered for participation in the program, and a company’s diversity of founders and team will also be considered as part of the selection process to promote an inclusive cohort of founders. 


• $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits ($10,000 per month for one year)

• 40+ hours of virtual training (Investment readiness assessment, business development and customer acquisition strategy, investment milestone planning)

• Mentor and Investor engagement (Access to Village Capital’s global network of strategic partners, customers, and founders, ability to network and receive mentorship from U.S. and European investors)

• IBM collaboration (Access to IBM’s network of partners and technicians, go-to-market support, co-marketing and branding)

• 2 years of technical mentorship (Quarterly leadership review, monthly one-on-one technical mentorship)

• 1 year of business development support (Quarterly milestone planning and investment strategy session

• Monthly one-on-one business mentorship

Additionally, every startup that applies to this program will be invited to join Village Capital’s global Abaca online network, with over 1,000 investors and organizations that are supporting social entrepreneurs.

Cohort 2

Cohort 3



Applications Open

April 16, 2020

Applications Close

July 31, 2020

Applications for Cohort #3 close at 11:59pm EST.

Cohort Confirmed

September 15, 2020

Participating ventures will be displayed on this page

Orientation Workshop

September 2020

Virtual Orientation

Workshop Begins

November 2020

Startup training begins


If managing sensitive data is at the core of your business, this accelerator is for you! To be eligible, you must be: 

• Legally incorporated as a for-profit entity

• Using data to increase access to digital, financial, or healthcare services.

• Under $1 million in yearly revenue

• Less than 5 years old

• Have some traction (this is not limited to revenue, but can include successful pilot studies, number of users, and/or strategic partnerships)

• Strong preference to startups with a clear social impact


Common FAQs we receive from startups: 

Do you require us to move to the cities of the program? No. Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, all of our workshops will be conducted virtually.

Do you take equity in your programs? No. Village Capital is structured as a non-profit and cannot take equity. We are also so thankful for startups to give us their time, and anything we can do to eliminate the burden of paying to participate in money or other financial compensation, we will do. 

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