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A group led by Ross Baird and Bob Pattillo launched Village Capital in 2009 as a radical experiment to democratize entrepreneurship. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2019-2020, we’re reflecting on the growth of that movement, what we stand for, and where we're headed in the next ten years.


Village Capital launches as a pilot of First Light Ventures, an affiliate of impact investing pioneer Gray Matters Capital.

Village Capital runs its first accelerator in New Orleans, with the IDEA Village. Kickboard CEO Jen Medbery becomes the first peer-selected entrepreneur.


Peer-selected investment expands internationally

The first peer-selected company outside the US, Under the Mango Tree, helps revive India’s declining honeybee population by selling fair trade honey.


Launch of first formal fund

Village Capital begins to pilot worldwide, with investment programs in China, Brazil, and East Africa. Village Capital also launches its first formal fund with Victoria Fram as co-founder.


Peer-selected investment wins the McKinsey/Harvard prize for “Innovating Innovation”

The model was described as “if angel investing and micro-finance had a baby”.


VilCap Investments closes $18 million fund

Village Capital closes VilCap Investments, a global seed stage fund that will be one of the most active impact investment vehicles worldwide. 


Our team reaches 40 people

Meet our team — we have team members on the ground on four continents.


VilCap Investments makes its 100th investment

Learn about a cross-section of our fund and how these companies are building healthy communities.


Village Capital named "best-networked" in impact investing

According to data compiled by the Case Foundation in their Impact Investing Network Map.


Study: Peer-selection process mitigates bias against female founders

Read more in Vox about our study, with Emory University and the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative

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