Strategizing for Scale: People and Partnerships

Strategizing for Scale: People and Partnerships

In surveys of C-Suite executives around the world, talent (or “human resources” or “human capital”) is consistently identified as a top issue affecting the business, and the single most important issue to leaders personally. Yet talent is still viewed by many CEOs – especially startup CEOs – as simply “hiring people”. A Village Capital report, Show Me What You Can Do, found that 90% of entrepreneurs consider human capital an administrative responsibility rather than a strategic one.

Similarly, startups consistently cite partnerships as a top priority in achieving scale. But many startup teams struggle to lock down key strategic alliances due to insufficient time, manpower, or connections – particularly in emerging markets where the business relies on reaching low-income customers in hard-to-reach geographies, and particularly for companies solving complex “real-world” problems like affordable healthcare or clean energy.



In response to these challenges, Village Capital is leading a unique two-month capacity-building program in India called Strategizing for Scale: People and Partnerships. We have selected a group of 11 companies from across the country, predominantly in the cleantech space – from those developing affordable solar products and off-grid cold storage technology, to those improving waste management and energy efficiency processes.

Over the course of two workshops, the participating startups will learn several practical tools and strategies around human capital and partnerships – including improved tactics for hiring/screening talent, new business development frameworks, and direct exposure to potential hires, partners, and sector experts – with the end goal of expanding their already-established operations into new customer segments and markets. Ultimately, we hope to create a world where businesses solving important, quality-of-life problems have the resources to not only start, but also to scale.


Program Dates and Locations:

Workshop 1: March 21-22nd, Bangalore

Workshop 2: April 24-25, Delhi