Impact: Mumbai 2012

Impact: Mumbai 2012

Dasra/Social-Impact and Village Capital partnered to support enterprises through a six-month peer-review based program that provided assistance to the most promising social enterprises in India.


Simpa Networks

Simpa Networks has developed an alternative payment mechanism for families, allowing them to purchase home renewable energy kits on loan.

Avani Textiles

Avani Textiles is targeted for the rural clientele, creating jobs and profits in Himachal Pradesh.


Craftmark is a premier brand for ethically produced clothing in India, comprised of goods produced by over 100,000 artisans.

Daily Dump

Daily Dump makes home composting kits for Indian families, as well as community-level units, fighting the build-up of piles of biodegradable trash.


Ketto is a social network for NGO/social enterprises in India, serving as a platform for companies to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and build partnerships.

Knids Green Pvt. Ltd.

KNIDS Green serves as a wholesale distribution chain from rural farmers in Bihar to the vegetable carts on the streets of Patna.

Madrat Games

Madrat makes educational games that promote literacy in local languages in India.


Native KONBAC trains small communities in bamboo processing and production, creating jobs and opportunities for producers.

NEST Pvt. Ltd.

NEST addresses the severe education shortage in India's cities for poor families by providing affordable supplemental education for poor families.

Seed Business Ventures

Seed Business Ventures practices in agricultural technology through partnerships with farmers, providing them with best-in-breed seeds and farming techniques.

Travel Another India

Travel Another India brings the benefits of tourism to low-income families by integrating them into tours, providing them with exposure and economic development

Villgro Innovations Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Easing the strain of last-mile distribution, Villgro Innovations Marketing has centers that sell both innovative products and primary staples to poor customers.

Waste Ventures

Waste Ventures offers professional waste collection and processing services to households, corporates, and waste pickers.


Wello is a water wheel that allows women in rural communities to gather fresh water and easily roll the day's supply back home.

What’s up Bharat?

What's Up Bharat's first venture is to be India's major public opinion polling company, giving India a transparent nonpartisan sense of how its people feel.