Impact: Bay Area 2011

Impact: Bay Area 2011

In spring 2010, we partnered with Hub Ventures, a program of the Hub-Bay Area, and 16 promising enterprises. The 12-week accelerator program featured supergroup meetings focused on business plans, fundraising, marketing, and designing for impact, and culminated in SoCap Investor Day on June 16, where entrepreneurs ranked one another for investment and then were unleashed on the SoCap network.
Represented sectors included: Livelihoods, Agriculture, Water/Sanitation/Healthcare, Civic Engagement, Financial Services, Energy/Environment



BetterMeans is a web platform for project management

Cloud Currencies

Cloud Currencies is a marketing solution for local businesses and local financial institutions.

Democracy Dashboard

Democracy Dashboard is a social network for civic engagement.

Evolving Technologies

EvoTech is a low-cost medical imaging device that dramatically reduces the cost of minimally invasive surgical procedures in emerging markets.

Hoop Fund

Hoop Fund allows purchasers of fair-trade goods to make microloans directly to the producers of their products.

Labor Voices

Transparent supply chains for corporate brands A voice for global workers


LeadGenius gets you the data you need to keep your business growing with verified leads & data-driven insights.


Louder is a crowd-promotion platform for conversations that matter.

Mindful Meats

Mindful Meats is building a sourcing and supply chain for sustainably grown and slaughtered meat and dairy.




Qrew is software for employee culture management that tracks employee engagement and increases initiative visibility.

Refresh Environmental

Refresh Environmental is a vertically integrated biofuels company that collects, processes, and markets commodities derived from liquid waste.

Rise Solar

Rise Solar is a solar-powered home energy system used in East Africa for emerging markets and is repayable within two months.

San + Co

San + Co is a waste management system in India that provides low-cost toilets

SmartMarkets LLC

Spyglass Tech

Spyglass offers a water monitoring system to track contaminated drinking water.


Zamzee kickstarts a lifetime of physical activity for kids through play.