Health: US 2015

Health: US 2015

The U.S. spends roughly 2.8 trillion USD on healthcare each year. While most attention is placed on the healthcare costs that continue to exponentially increase, 40% of health outcomes are determined by social and economic factors. The social determinants of health run the demographic gambit and include things like where a person was born and where they work. Inevitably, these are largely shaped by an individual’s and/or family’s wealth; i.e., the less money a person has, the more likely they are to experience poor health. The San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank calls this correlation between low wealth and poor health outcomes the “health-wealth gap”.

Village Capital is partnered with The Hitachi Foundation on this program committed to bridging the “health-wealth gap”. With the implications of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) being felt around the U.S., there is a large market for solutions that will deliver healthcare and auxiliary services in more efficient and cost-saving manners. We are excited to launch this accelerator program and support entrepreneurs with solutions that will create more accessible and affordable healthcare for low-wealth individuals.


Eligible Enterprises:

We are seeking entrepreneurs with solutions that will aid in bridging the “health-wealth gap” and reducing health inequality. We are particularly interested in solutions that do one of the following:

  1. Reduce the cost of healthcare for patients and/or novel ways to help manage costly medical bills;
  2. Increase access for low-wealth individuals to both acute and non-acute services, such as nutrition, medication, and/or physician visits;
  3. Improve health education and health information dissemination techniques;
  4. Better help patients understand the financial complexities in healthcare, including choosing health services

Program Dates: 

Workshop 1: October 1st – 4th in Oakland, CA

Workshop 2: November 3rd – 6th in Washington, D.C.

Workshop 3: December 8th – 11th in Oakland, CA

Program Events:

Program launch event: October 3rd

Stakeholder Forum: November 4th

Venture Forum: December 10th

Selected feedback from entrepreneurs:

  • “[Being an entrepreneur] can be very lonely, but coming together with the other teams and the whole cohort really helped up our game.”
  • “The program, I appreciate the elegance of it. Going through the vetting process made me think about how I articulate things.”
  • “I feel like our relationships will continue after the program because we got to know each of [our businesses]”.


ARMR Systems

ARMR Systems designs wearable first response hemorrhage control solutions to stop the bleeding anytime, anywhere.


CareSpotter helps families find local, professional caregivers in their community.

Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy revolutionizes the treatment of neurological disorders using science-based digital brain therapy delivered on an iPad.

Fosmo Med

Fosmo Med is creating an IV bag that is shipped sans water and can be filled with dirty water at the site of care to create sterile solution without power.


InRFood simplifies and personalizes nutrition through digital tools.

Janus Choice

Janus Choice helps patients make educated and informed decisions on where to continue their care after a hospital stay.


Legworks develops and supplies innovative and affordable prosthetic technologies globally to help amputees walk with confidence.


OkCopay is an online service that allows you to see the prices of doctors and dentists near you.

Onko Solutions

Onko Solutions designs and markets a portable medical device for cervical cancer screening.


Reliefwatch is a platform for organizations in the developing world to track essential supplies through basic mobile phones.

Utilize Health

Utilize Health creates a better healthcare experience for patients, increased revenue for providers, and cost savings for payers.


Vault Exposure Tracker is a quick, simple way for firefighters to track toxic & communicable disease exposures & injuries.