Health IT: US 2014 – 2015

Health IT: US 2014 – 2015

In 2014, Village Capital partnered with Texas Medical Center, the Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center, Arches Health Plan, Chilton Capital, and Omidyar Network to support entrepreneurs making health care more affordable and accessible for individuals and their families.

The Affordable Care Act is expected to provide health insurance for an estimated 40 million new Americans, yet implementation has faced challenges.  The U.S. Federal Reserve calls this the “health-wealth” gap: health care is the primary expenditure of low-income Americans, and making health care more accessible will provide a disproportionate benefit to the US economy.

In this program, Village Capital and our partners supported entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that lower costs and increase access to quality health care.


Village Capital provided the selected entrepreneurs with business development training through its award-winning curriculum, mentorship from industry leaders and investors, and opportunities to meet potential customers and pitch to the local communities in Salt Lake City and Houston. The program workshops took place on:

Workshop 1: December 7-10 (Houston)

Workshop 2: January 29-February 1 (Salt Lake City)

Workshop 3: February 18-21 (Houston)

Workshop 4: March 2-5 (Salt Lake City)

Venture Forum: March 4