Health IT: US 2014

Health IT: US 2014

Village Capital launched its first health-focused program in 2014, in partnership with VentureWell. Village Capital and VentureWell supported 12 innovative Medical Devices (Class I, II), diagnostic technologies and health IT platforms that have B2B business models and address a problem, disease or medical condition that disproportionately affects rural or low-income Americans or others currently underserved by the US healthcare system.


Our award-winning curriculum provided intensive business development training, mentorship from local business leaders and investors, and face-to-face interaction with potential customers. The program aimed to have a sustainable, large-scale impact for communities, investors, and entrepreneurs in the region. At the end of the program, the entrepreneurs ranked each other and chose two companies to receive $100,000 in peer-selected investment.

Program workshops took place in Boston, Massachusetts, on:

Workshop 1: May 18-21

Workshop 2: July 9-12

Workshop 3: September 14-17

Venture Forum: September 16



BETH sells prosthetic liners, typically to amputees who have experienced pain in their artificial sockets.

Dock Technologies

Dock Technologies sells disposable, visible reminders to amplify nurses’ performance in achieving time-based quality metrics.


eyeMITRA’s patent pending mobile retinal imaging platform allows eye scans to be performed in a primary care setting, improving overall quality of care.


Healthy-TXT™ sells a mobile platform that automates patient education around post, chronic and preventive care.

Innoblative Designs

Innoblative Designs’ proprietary technology improves the treatment of early-stage breast cancer.


Kohana has created a compression-only breast pump that comfortably mimics the age-old and natural art of maternal hand expression.


PEURegen sells a sponge-like scaffold, which is placed inside a deep skin defect to help with wound healing.

Rimidi Diabetes

Rimidi Diabetes drives efficient and effective diabetes management so individuals with diabetes meet treatment goals faster, safer, & more cost-effectively.


SemanticMD allows radiologists to access a patient’s data easily by integrating radiological annotations, patient images & health records.


Truclinic’s web-based telemedicine portal enables healthcare providers to increase efficiency without purchasing costly hardware or software


Twiage is a mobile and web platform that securely sends real-time data from ambulances to emergency rooms.