Village Capital and PayPal are leading an ecosystem of partners to solve the most critical issues facing underserved consumers and small businesses across the US.

Millions of families and small businesses in the United States are in a financial squeeze. Nearly 70 million Americans are unbanked. In 2016, 57% of Americans said they could not afford to pay unexpected bills. Many individuals struggle to find savings and insurance options that fit their lifestyle and improve financial resilience. Both individuals and small businesses struggle to find fair and affordable lending services.

During summer of 2017, Village Capital and PayPal, with an ecosystem of partners including Black Rock and Access Ventures will scale and support innovative FinTech ventures that create accessible, efficient, and affordable financial services for underserved communities and small businesses in the United States in a number of ways:

Support and invest through our collaborative venture development program.
Over the course of four months, we will support selected startups with tailored engagements with potential strategic partners and investors, and deep collaboration within the cohort. Our process has been completed over 50 times, is proven to build more successful companies, and is recommended by 96% of our 500 alumni. At the end of the program, the top two peer-selected ventures will receive an offer for $100,000 USD investment in pre-committed capital from VilCap Investments and Access Ventures.

Facilitate partnerships between startups and strategic partners.
Fintech startups often rely on partnerships with large institutions, like banks, retailers, and other distributors to achieve scale.  We will streamline this process, helping startups connect with decision-makers at large institutions that are seeking solutions around financial health. We will do this through:

  • Pre-committed advisory board members and ecosystem allies who are looking to partner with Vilcap companies
  • Business development sessions that bring in over 100 potential customers, partners, and stakeholders including experts
  • Partner resources, including a roadmap for compliance and a database of major institutions seeking partnerships

Provide resources.
We will also provide resources for building your business including:

  • Investment Analyst that works closely with your team to strengthen your case for investment
  • Amazon Web Services: 2 years of AWS credits (up to $5000)
  • Kiva Zip: Automatically qualify for a 10,000 interest-free Kiva Zip Loan
  • Hubspot for Startups: 90% scholarship on all paid HubSpot software for 12 months
  • Connections to pro bono legal services and expert advice from PayPal executives
  • A presence on AlphaPack’s Sandbox, a tool to help banks and credit unions partner quickly and safely with FinTechs


The Village Capital FinTech program will consist of early stage companies that address true pain points in the current financial system or that intend to expand their services to fill those gaps. We are specifically interested in companies that:

  • Increase access to and affordability of credit and savings products
  • Lower the barriers for small businesses to support their employees and grow their businesses
  • Serve the unique financial needs of new economy workers and independent contractors
  • Lower the cost of and increase access to insurance, disability, or retirement benefits
  • Offer regtech solutions to enable financial institutions and governments to expand their financial offerings to underserved markets

Furthermore, eligible enterprises must have at least one full-time team member, have a minimum viable product, and have meaningful customer or business validation (not limited to revenue, can also be successful pilot studies, number of users, and/or strategic partnerships).

Program Dates and Locations:
Workshop 1: June 6-9 2017 in Detroit, MI
Workshop 2: July 18-21, 2017 in New York, NY
Workshop 3: September 5-8, 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Workshops consist of 4-day engagements with companies, investors, and partners.

Applications for this year’s program have closed. Program participants will be announced in mid-May.




BlueCheck provides age verification solutions for E-Commerce platforms.


CNote delivers savings alternatives 40X better than traditional banks with 100% social impact.

Finix Payments

Finix Payments offers a B2B payments platform for banks, acquirers, and enterprises to enable push payments over debit card.

Hugo Insurance

Hugo Insurance is the world’s first pay-when-you-drive liability car insurance, for people who rely on their car but can not afford big premiums.

Jumpstart Insurance Solutions

Jumpstart Insurance Solutions is a first-of-its-kind resource that quickly gets money in people’s hands when they need it most - after a natural disaster.


Lendstand provides innovative working capital solutions for public projects.


Medxoom makes healthcare payments simple via a modern, mobile-first payments platform.


MyStrongHome makes homes and families more resilient to extreme weather, by combining construction upgrades with insurance-based finance.


Paykii enable people living abroad to pay expenses for their families back home by connecting remittance companies and financial institutions.


Sagents auto-verifies minority and women business (MBWE) status, track corporate financial spend, and measures economic impact with MWBEs.


Stackfolio is the online marketplace for loan trading, powered by a data research platform.


Token introduces the safest way to pay for anything, everywhere, making fraud a thing of the past for consumers and merchants.




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