FinTech for Ag: East Africa 2015

FinTech for Ag: East Africa 2015

Village Capital partnered with MasterCard Foundation, the DOEN Foundation, and Duncan Goldie-Scot to bring alternative financial services to smallholder farmers in Eastern Africa.

According to McKinsey and Company, 2.5 billion of the world’s adultsand 80% of Sub-Saharan Africa–do not use formal banks or semiformal microfinance institutions to save or borrow money. Access to financial services can be especially lacking for smallholder farmers, who are often far from a financial access point. Furthermore, many promising early-stage entrepreneurs addressing this issue cannot find the resources they need to get off the ground.

Village Capital FinTech for Agriculture: East Africa 2015 meet both needs by bringing resources to the highest-potential entrepreneurs with early stage ventures developing financial technologies for the underbanked and unbanked in East Africa. Explore the tabs to find out about the program.