Fintech: Africa 2018

Fintech: Africa 2018

Mobile money has transformed the financial landscape in sub-Saharan Africa. According to the 2017 GSMA Mobile Economy Report, forty-three percent of the population in sub-Saharan Africa has access to mobile phones. Financial technology (fintech) services like peer-to-peer mobile payments have made financial services much more accessible

and brought millions of unbanked and underbanked Africans closer to the formal economy. Moving beyond the initial success stories in major markets of fintech innovation like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, we’ve seen expansion of products and services in Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and beyond.

Still, major challenges remain to building financial health throughout the continent. Roughly six in ten adults in sub-Saharan Africa lack bank accounts, and thus lack access to financial services that facilitate financial health and productivity. While much progress has been made in the payments arena, access to critical services such as insurance and pensions remains lacking. Additionally, fintech companies face regulatory barriers and infrastructure challenges that prevent their growth and expansion.


We are excited to launch the Village Capital Fintech Africa 2018 program in collaboration with PayPal. Village Capital seeks startups in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania that:

  • Address financial health concerns including insurtech, pensions and savings, cooperative finance, and financial literacy;
  • Leverage data for alternative means of credit scoring, identity verification and protection,  and consumer insights;
  • Integrate financial health services with other mobile services including social media, gaming, and online commerce;
  • Apply fintech solutions to drive innovation and business model improvement in our other sectors of interest: agriculture, energy, education, and health.

The workshops will take place on the following dates:

Workshop 1: Mar 6 – 9, 2018 – Nairobi
Workshop 2: Apr 10 – 13, 2018 – Nairobi
Workshop 3: May 8- 11, 2018 – Nairobi

Applications are now closed


CredPal is a technology company that allows consumers buy anything across various online and offline merchants and pay for it in installments.


Annona is the leading platform for managing small-scale producers in global supply chains.


Ensibuuko helps cooperative microfinance organizations to automate how they manage customer and transaction data using a cloud-based software platform, Mobis.

Finance Life Technologies Limited (Riby Finance)

Finance Life Technologies Limited (Riby Finance) (Nigeria) helps cooperatives, associations, and trade groups automate and manage their financial transactions.


FPESA enables small and medium sized Kenyan enterprises, that transact foreign exchange, to discover, negotiate, book and settle foreign currency transactions.

GrassRoots Bima

GrassRoots Bima connects customers with insurers to access insurance services more simply and transparently, through both online and offline applications.

Mazima Retirement Plan

Helping Africa's Informal Sector Save for Retirement.


Numida is building the missing digital products that African small businesses need in order to thrive.


Patasente provides purchase order financing for SMEs in Uganda.

Social Lender

Social Lender is a lending solution based on social reputation on mobile, online and social media platforms.


Tulaa is a mobile-based marketplace for smallholder farmers in Africa to access affordable finance, quality agricultural inputs and better markets.


API for address and identity verification in Africa



Amee Parbhoo Accion Venture Labs
Efi Dahan Paypal
Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa Financial Sector Deepening Uganda
Kenneth Kayser Barclays Africa Group Limited
Laissa Mouen Kinaya Lab
Mark Mwaura Olivine Technology
Munya Chiura Flywire
Niraj Varia Novastar Ventures
Patrick Huang Umati Capital
Tsakane Ngoepe AHL Venture Partners
Zach Kolp PayGo Energy


Mark Mwaura Olivine Technology