Education: US 2016

Education: US 2016

Recent data indicates that by 2020, 65% of all jobs in the US will require at least an Associate’s degree or some amount of post-secondary school training or certification. However, only 1 in 4 students are academically prepared for college when they graduate from high school, and less than half of recent graduates are workforce ready. Many students lack the skills and training necessary for securing jobs in careers with progressively higher wages and incomes.

To address these challenges, Village Capital has selected a small group of elite ventures offering technology-driven solutions designed to improve student academic performance and position them for success as they enter the workforce to participate in the Village Capital Education: US 2016 venture development program. This program held in collaboration with AT&T Aspire, together with supporting partner W.K. Kellogg Foundation, with special thanks to Doug & Audrey Miller. This three-month program will support entrepreneurs with an award-winning program curriculum, 1:1 mentorship from sector leaders, and tailored engagements with potential strategic partners and investors. At the end of the program, the top two peer selected companies will receive $75,000 in precommitted investment each.

We are especially interested in ventures focused on delivering solutions in the areas of academic skills development, higher education success, and career-readiness.


Centric Learning HERO

A Digital Learning Environment coupled with a curriculum that is project-based, cross-discipline, competency and standards-based, and AdvancEd accredited.

College Ease

College Ease is a unique engagement and marketing platform that connects high school students worldwide with colleges, starting freshman year of high school.


Comprendio combines cognitive mapping, accountability for learner thinking, automated feedback, and unique analytics to accelerate understanding.


Couragion inspires underserved and underrepresented youth to pursue competencies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Education Modified

Education Modified delivers cutting-edge, research-based strategies and analytics for every learning need in today’s classrooms.


LaborX is the LinkedIn for the LinkedOut, helping high need talent connect to living wage jobs.


Nepris brings professionals into the classroom virtually to bring relevance to curriculum, to help evaluate student projects and to engage students in STEAM.


PAIRIN is a social enterprise company that uses friendly science to personalize career exploration, hiring and professional development.

Paragon One

Paragon One is the #1 American career education platform powered by U.S. professionals turned career coaches.

Skill Scout

Skill Scout changes how companies attract and hire talent through video job descriptions and hands on interviews.


Story2 makes college application writing easier through personal stories.


Yenko sells financial retention software to colleges that lose tuition revenue when students drop out as a result of losing financial aid.



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