Cleantech: US 2012

Cleantech: US 2012

Village Capital teamed up with the VentureWell program of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance to identify top university innovators in IT and cleantech for an 4-month intensive peer-based program at Greentown Labs in Boston. Teams joined a group of like-minded peers, received expert coaching on how to build investment ready companies, and built a network of investors and strategic partners that can help scale innovations. At the end of the program, two entrepreneurs were selected by their peers to receive $50,000 convertible note investment apiece.

Participants engaged in three intensive 3-day workshops as well as weekly coaching sessions. The program also engaged leading entrepreneurs and investors relevant to our enterprises and will included a venture forum and other events designed to increase exposure to the investment community.



Acopio sells traceability solutions to businesses in the coffee industry.


Arbsource sells wastewater treatment equipment to breweries, dairies, and potato chip companies.


Bluelight provides layaway solutions for large retailers in emerging markets.

Dynamo Micropower

Dynamo Micropower provides businesses off the grid with a micro-turbine portable powerplant that has (99.995+%) uptime and can use onsite fuel.

Effimax Solar

Effimax Solar sells nanotextured solar wafers to solar cell manufacturers.

Energy Harvesters

Energy Harvesters enables footwear to charge mobile device batteries anytime, anywhere just from walking.


Essmart provides a catalogue of life-improving technologies—like solar lanterns and water filters—to local mom-and-pop retail shops in emerging markets.

Infinite Composites Technologies

Infinite Composites Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures advanced gas storage systems for aerospace, industrial gas and transportation applications.


MaxQ is a provider of insulated shipping containers for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.


Mowoza provides a mobile gateway for traders and customers to access essential products through SMS or WAP enabled mobile phones and prepay via mobile wallet.

One Earth Designs

One Earth Designs aims to become the ‘green Apple’ of the emerging markets.


Pelletco sells heat to commercial and institutional building owners who are currently using oil for heat and paying $3.60 per gallon.


Saasmob sells cloud based mobile platform and solutions to other startups and end users like inspectors, field service technicians and sales reps.

Save Energy Systems

Save Energy Systems sells an energy efficiency system to small to mid-size commercial facilities.


SolaBlock manufactures a unique long-lasting, theft-, and vandal-resistant solar electric building products for urban and remote building owners.


Waterbelly sells a solar powered planter to municipalities, universities, stadiums and airports.