ACAP Medicaid Innovation Challenge

ACAP Medicaid Innovation Challenge

Medicaid managed care plans are charged with providing care to lower-income and vulnerable populations, operate under capitation and are highly incentivized to provide access to high-quality care and operate as efficiently as possible.  Many plans have identified technology- or service-based solutions as core in their efforts to support these goals.  To date, however, many of the innovative solutions that are focused on the transformation and improvement of care delivery have been primarily focused on private and commercial markets.

The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), in partnership with the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and Village Capital, is hosting the ACAP Medicaid Innovation Challenge to connect ACAP members (59 Medicaid managed care plans covering over 17 million lives in Medicaid, Medicare and the Marketplaces) with emerging young companies or solutions that enable health plans to offer a better way for Medicaid recipients to access needed care and resources.

The ACAP Medicaid Innovation Challenge will offer three finalists the opportunity to present and receive feedback from a group of ACAP members via a webinar in the Fall of 2017. Following the webinar, ACAP and CHCF will select one winner to receive $100,000 to conduct a pilot at an ACAP member site.

All ventures with a tech-enabled solution that give safety net health plans the ability to promote better health outcomes for Medicaid recipients are encouraged to apply. We are especially interested in those that do the following:

  • Combat substance use disorder: It is estimated roughly 12% of adult Medicaid recipients are afflicted with a substance abuse disorder. Tools are needed to help physicians better identify needed care, engage in harm reduction, integrate physical and behavioral treatments, and connect individuals involved with the criminal justice system with the appropriate care through their health plan.
  • Address the social determinants of health (SDoH): Relative to other factors, SDoH have a disproportionate level of influence on an individual’s health outcome.  SDoH, such as stable housing and a nutritious diet, affect a host of traditionally non-clinical issues that profoundly affect an individual’s health prognosis. Solutions are needed to help ACAP members identify these risk factors for their enrollees, evaluate the most cost-effective intervention, and coordinate care for members across medical and social services.
  • Reduce Medicaid churn: Cycling in and out of Medicaid coverage has profound effects on patients. With a lapse in benefits, individuals lose the ability to seek needed health care, interrupting the continuum of care. ACAP members seek solutions that better gauge the cost of churn, motivate beneficiaries to maintain coverage, and establish a continuity of care for recipients.

In addition to mission fit, to be eligible for consideration in the ACAP Medicaid Innovation Challenge, applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • A solution that is ready for immediate deployment in a Medicaid health plan setting;
  • At least one paying customer;
  • A desire to work with ACAP and its members, but no more than three existing ACAP health plan customers; and
  • The ability to remain a sustainable, ongoing entity for the foreseeable future, including sound financials and a robust team.

Applications closed June 1st. To see a list of the semifinalists, scroll down or click on the “Companies” tab at the top of this page. 


About the Association for Community Affiliated Plans
The Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) is a national trade association which represents 59 not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans. Collectively, ACAP plans serve more than seventeen million enrollees, representing nearly half of all individuals enrolled in Medicaid managed care plans.

About the California Health Care Foundation Innovation Fund
The CHCF Health Innovation Fund supports health care technology and service companies with the potential to significantly improve the quality of care, lower the total cost of care, and/or improve access to care for low-income Californians.

About Village Capital
Village Capital finds, trains, and funds entrepreneurs solving major global challenges. Village Capital builds communities around entrepreneurs to improve business success. Over 550 entrepreneurs have gained access to opportunity through over 45 Village Capital programs, and graduates have leveraged initial capital 15:1, created over 10,800 jobs, and served over 5 million customers.



AbleTo is a technology-enabled provider of behavioral health care focused on lowering overall clinical costs. connects payers, providers, and communities on one platform with all the data they need to coordinate care for patients.


Customers use Algorex Health’s Foundation Platform and Predictors to identify and engage their members in support of value-based care.

Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha makes it fast and easy for people in need, and those that help them, to find, make referrals to, connect with, & close the loop on social services.


Babyscripts helps providers and payers offer precision, risk-stratified care to their prenatal and postpartum patients using mobile and remote monitoring.


CareMessage uses mobile technology to make underserved populations healthier.


ConsejoSano is the only patient engagement and care navigation solution designed to help clients activate their multicultural patient populations.

Cricket Health

Cricket Health provides technology-enabled, home-based kidney care for people with advanced chronic kidney disease and kidney failure.


Cyft uses AI to help care management teams identify the members most likely to benefit from specific interventions.


The DynamiCare mobile app for addiction patients offers drug testing, attendance tracking, and evidence-based incentives for recovery.


Healthify helps care teams address Medicaid beneficiaries' social determinants by improving the referral workflow to community services.

Hudson Center for Health Equity

The Hudson Center develops and promotes solutions for high-quality, cost-effective and humane health care for all.

Kaizen Health

Kaizen Health increases access to healthcare for underserved communities by removing transportation as a barrier.

LivWell Health

LivWell Health offers integrated risk assessments, service plan development and referral management tools for care coordinators.


MediQuire provides a contracting technology solution to help payers and providers design, negotiate and track value-based contracts.

mPulse Mobile

mPulse Mobile helps Medicaid Health Plans overcome member engagement challenges through tailored, interactive mobile messaging solutions.

Patient Innovation Center

Patient Innovation Center helps uninsured low-income children and their families gain access to care.


Propel builds software to modernize the user experience of the American social safety net.

Solera Health

Solera allows health plans to securely and efficiently leverage a network of non-clinical community and digital health solutions.


Wellpass is a healthcare messaging and engagement platform bridging the gap between payers, providers and people through digital communication and services.

Workit Health

Workit Health is a private, online program that helps individuals prevent and overcome addictions.