Yanira Martinez

Health Associate at Village Capital

Yanira, a medical doctor by training, is passionate of working with companies trying to make a difference in their societies. She comes to Village Capital from McKinsey & Company, where she joined as the first medical doctor in Mexico´s office and had the opportunity to be involved in several studies including pharmaceutical industry and primary health care for a federal government institution as well as in other industries. As a freelance consultant she has worked for 2 startups in the health care field helping with their strategy planning. Prior to McKinsey she worked as a general practitioner in an insurance company and had her private practice developing prevention campaigns and providing primary care services in Mexico City.

Yanira holds a medical degree from Universidad Panamericana (UP) in Mexico city and will be receiving a Diploma in Healthcare Management from UP in December 2016. She has an interest in studying about prevention and lifestyle practices for chronic diseases as well as health services management. She loves practicing yoga and cares about animal protection.