Jonathan Lewy

Managing Partner at Investo

Jonathan Lewy is part of a successful family of entrepreneurs in Belgium and started his first business while attending college.

He is a graduate from the School of Management of Brussels (ICHEC). In 2002 he moved to Mexico, a country he felt in love with and where he saw great opportunities to start business projects.

In 2002 he co-founded Wise Media Group, a company that innovated in the field of outdoor advertising. He also represented Drake Finance in Mexico, a lender belonging to EXIMBank.

Being an avid reader of Mashable, The Next Web and No Camels, in 2011 he co-founded Investo, an angel foundation composed of entrepreneurs. This foundation seeks teams from around the world that need distribution and monetization platforms in emerging markets, helping them with strategic advice, growth finance, distribution and business acquisition.

Jonathan Lewy speaks fluent French, Dutch, Hebrew, English and Spanish.