Ben Younkman

Manager, New Initiatives at Village Capital

Ben is a Manager of New Initiatives and explores opportunities to apply Village Capital’s process with our partner organizations. Ben joined the Village Capital team in 2015 as a Latin American Associate focused on Financial and Education Technology in the region. He has over nine years experience working with early stage companies across Latin America, primarily in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Following his time on the Village Capital’s FinTech Mexico 2016 program, Ben worked with Microsoft to develop a program supporting entrepreneurs improving access to internet in rural areas, and with the Hitachi Foundation to run a forum dedicated to companies providing solutions for the changing labor force. Previously, Ben has worked in over twenty countries in education, tourism, and entrepreneurial development, and helped launched a social startup in Pollachi, India. Ben has a B.A. from UCSB, and a Masters of International Business from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.