Ana Vanessa González Deister

Head of Fomento Social y Ecológico at Citibanamex

Ana Vanessa has worked at Citibanamex since 2009. She was appointed as ‎Fomento Social Banamex Director since December 2013 and is also head of Fomento Ecológico Banamex‎.

Through both Foundations she coordinates projects related to productivity, employment, social entrepreneurship as well as disaster relief‎ for base of the pyramid and low income communities. Also supports environmental projects and capacity development initiatives.
She is part of the Mexican Advisory Board on impact investment and part of ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs) Steering Committee for México and Central America.

Prior to Citibanamex she worked as advisor at the National Elections Institute from 1999 to 2008, and has stayed close to political and electoral issues in recent years.

She is a Lawyer from UNAM and also studied Political Science at ITAM.