Stephen Reily

Partner in: United States | Agriculture


Stephen is an attorney, businessman, and social entrepreneur whose philanthropic energy has focused in recent years on building the local food economy in Louisville and a more sustainable future for Kentucky’s farmers. In 2011 he founded Seed Capital Kentucky, a non-profit whose projects have included commissioning the first-ever formal evaluation of regional demand for local food; organizing annual events for the local food movement to convene and share knowledge; and providing grants for technical assistance to help regional farmers build more sustainable businesses. Stephen also led a group that recapitalized Grasshoppers Distribution, the leading locally owned distributor of local foods. Stephen graduated from Yale College and Stanford Law School, after which he clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court. He is the Co-Founder of IMC, a licensing agency that represents some of the world’s largest consumer brands, and the Founder of Vibrant Nation, the leading online community for women 45+.