We are looking for a creative, ambitious individual who wants to build a career in digital marketing, communications, and content marketing to work with our team! In this position, you will research key competitors in the industry, focus on creating and maximizing social media content and analytics, as well as research and develop new ways to monitor and improve social marketing strategies.

We promise we will never make you pick up coffee or spend hours making copies, or any of the cliché tasks you hear interns have to do. We’re offering a flexible schedule if you are taking classes in the summer or you wish to pursue other opportunities simultaneously.

At Upsie, you will take part in making the life of a consumer less stressful, all while making warranties look and feel sexy. Join one of the hottest start-ups in Minneapolis and be part of something big!


  • Assist with content creation & execute marketing strategies
  • Ideate for social media calendars, report on social marketing efforts, research trends and opportunities for increased engagement
  • Help build strong relationships with influencers & brand partners
  • Based on candidate skills, there’s opportunity to design graphics, manage projects, and write blogs, and emails

The ideal candidate is creative and has a fun personality that would resonate with our social media audience. Candidate should be a self-starter, have strong writing and grammar skills, a passion for social media engagement, and be great fit with a small team


  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, and/or other related fields
  • Building a strong academic record
  • Knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other common social platforms.
  • Outstanding leadership experience in school or previous workplace(s)
  • A strategic thinker, who has the ability to provide creative solutions, has great time management & prioritization skills.
  • Very strong interest in digital marketing and the business of digital marketing
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Google Adwords a strong plus, as well as Inbound Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, and copywriting skills


Upsie is changing the way consumers purchase warranty protection. Utilizing our web and mobile app, we provide an easier and better way to protect the stuff that matters to consumers. We provide the same warranties and coverage offered by other companies, but at an affordable price.

 If interested, please apply here.