M-TriGen is a US based manufacturer of on-site electrical generation products that replace conventional power systems with our modular combined heating, cooling, and power technology which is designed to be a complete, all-in-one mechanical solution that saves costs and benefits the environment. The company’s PowerAire system has models designed for both commercial and residential applications. M-TriGen’s patent pending, direct vapor compression technology uses up to four times less natural gas fuel than power plants in meeting the kW load demand for customers. Because up to 70% of the energy content in fuels used in generation is wasted as heat and transmission losses, M-TriGen has developed technology that recaptures waste heat at the point of use and also captures ambient atmospheric energy to operate at up to 200% efficiencies. M-TriGen’s go-to-market strategy involves developing distribution channels with gas and power companies, HVAC companies, and traditional distributors of power generation equipment. Our current customers include power and gas utilities such as Detroit Edison (DTE), NRG, and Gaz de France Suez, now known as Engie. The company has signed agreements with major domestic and international equipment distributors, most notably JAT Power, part of the AKSA USA Group, a distributor of generators in Latin America and the Caribbean. M-TriGen’s vision is to become a catalyst toward the decentralization of the electric grid by making micro-level distributed generation an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to centralized power plants. PowerAire can serve as the gateway for other sources of power such as the electric grid and solar panels, greatly simplifying the use of all options for a customer. The company is focused on allowing customers to efficiently deploy and manage virtual power generation assets that operate in micro-grids by including remote management and monitoring capabilities into its systems.


Donald Williams Founder and CEO