Village Capital’s team works across three continents to support entrepreneurs, with our headquarters in Washington, DC and offices in San Francisco, Mexico City, Nairobi, and Bangalore.


Daniel Hsu VP, Business Development & New Initiatives
Victoria Fram Managing Director, VilCap Investments
Allie Burns Managing Director
Ross Baird President
Joseph Steig Senior Advisor
Bidisha Bhattacharyya VP, Product and Emerging Markets
Dahler Battle Leadership Development Associate
Marcia Chong Investment Analyst
Branden Houser Human Capital Manager
Marissa Lowman Education Practice Lead
Andrew Hobbs Manager, Product & Technology Strategy
Perry Nunes Senior Associate, South Asia
Rachel Crawford Portfolio Programme Manager : Talent in Emerging Markets
Brittney Riley VP, US Ventures
Marilyn Waite Senior Manager, Energy
Allyson Plosko Sector Manager, Health
Ebony Pope Senior Manager, US Ventures
Alex Quarles Senior Associate, Education US
Adedana Ashebir Regional Manager, Africa
Prakhar Agarwal India Investments Officer
Rachel Schwartz Associate, Partnerships
Emily Edwards Associate, FinTech US
Daniel Cossío Associate, Latin America
Hannah Lewis Associate, Energy US
Inder Takhar Investment Analyst
Amanda Jacobson Regional Manager, Latin America
Dustin Shay Chief of Staff
Ben Wrobel Senior Associate, Business Development, Content Management
Ben Younkman Manager, New Initiatives
Tina Nyamache Associate, Africa Operations
Heather Strachan Matranga Manager, New Initiatives
Varun Pawar Associate, Strategy & Partnerships, India
Greg Bennett Investment Analyst
Deepak Menon Regional Manager, South Asia


Ross Baird Village Capital Group
James Lee Sorenson Sorenson Capital
Jeff Woodward Taylor English Duma LLP
Kelly Michel Potencia Ventures
Donna Byrd at The Washington Post
Bryce Butler Access Ventures