Ann DeRosa

Senior Advisor at Village Capital

The ‘Doc’ says: ‘what ever you are doing right now . . .stop, get up, and get to a Village Capital peer-reviewed cohort’. It will change your life. One day my hope is to see Village Capital’s peer reviewed model in every class room and in every portfolio. Dr. DeRosa is Chief Impact Strategist at Chilton Capital Management where she leads the firm’s impact investment strategies across all asset classes. She empowers families, foundations and corporates to integrate multi-dimensional prosperity with investment portfolios and visionary business strategies. (2) She directs internal integration of portfolio management strategies with academic research and impact-oriented asset managers. Dr. DeRosa is a world reknowned expert on peer-reviewed impact entrepreneurship and sought after executive coach for families navigating the complex dynamics of intergenerational wealth transfer, business and investment. Prior to joining Chilton, she has over 3 decades of business experience, including public and private enterprises: founding a $10 million annual revenue research center at Georgia Tech, founding and leading the Sale Leaseback and Land Acquisition efforts at Cushman & Wakefield; and advisor, and control investor for the first digitized medical records company, now Per Se Technologies, a former fastest growing U. S. company. Drawing on a diverse range of enterprise experience, she mentors numerous founders and CEOs in the now 600 + Village Capital network. Dr. DeRosa serves as a senior advisor or strategic partner to several pioneering impact investing organizations including Village Capital and VilCap Investments. She is the lead convener of Chilton Capital Management’s Renewable Investment Summit, the first of which was hosted in Houston in September 2014 in partnership with the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Village Capital, and The Federal Reserve. She teaches impact investing and social entrepreneurship, at the University of Virginia, Pipeline Fellows, University of North Carolina speaks nationally and internationally to help grow the field. Dr. DeRosa received an AB from Middlebury College, an MS from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute.