Global ambition, global reach

Our partners build on their industry leadership by having a front-row seat to entrepreneurial breakthroughs. By participating in a community with top entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors from across the globe, our partners help build great ventures, gain insights, and make a world-changing impact.


Kevin Connolly
Affordable Access Initiatives - Business Development
We see our Affordable Access Initiatives Grant Fund as being in perfect alignment with Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. We’re really excited to partner with Village Capital to help provide startups with two things: the expertise they’ll need to refine their business models, and the guidance and connections they’ll need to really scale their impact.
Franz Paasche
VP, Corporate Affairs
“PayPal has collaborated with Village Capital for three years. It’s inspiring to work with Village Capital because they are bringing new minds into areas that the world really needs. PayPal now has a global collaboration with Village Capital to expand financial health around the world. We’re very proud to be part of a coalition of entities from the public sector, private sector, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. This is the kind of coalition and collaboration that’s going to make a real difference.”
Amy Stursberg
Executive Director
Blackstone Charitable Foundation
“At the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, we invest in exceptional organizations that advance entrepreneurial growth in a particular region or sector. Through this new program, US Energy, Village Capital will be able to support outstanding ventures seeking alternative energy solutions and to help them accelerate their growth. The creation of our partnership opens up unique opportunities to not only advance the success of new entrepreneurs in the innovative clean energy space, but also has the potential to create a lasting impact on a crucial global issue.”


An impact you can measure: Our partners help entrepreneurs tackle problems facing the future of society. Ventures completing a Village Capital program grow investment by a factor of eight compared with ventures in a control group.


Access to innovation

Don’t be disrupted—partner: As a partner of Village Capital, you’ll learn the latest emerging innovations and partner with the entrepreneurs changing your industry—in a cost- and time-effective manner. Peer-selection reliably identifies the most promising ventures, providing an efficient alternative to conventional due diligence.

Advance Industry Leadership

Grow your industry leadership: As a partner with the top entrepreneurs in your industry, you’ll meet the most innovative minds solving problems you care about—and grow your industry leadership in the process.






Whitney Muse
Agriculture U.S.
Nasir Qadree
Education U.S.
Marilyn Waite
Energy U.S.
Dustin Shay
FinTech U.S.
Allyson Plosko
Health U.S.
Deepak Menon
Amanda Jacobson
Latin America
Lia Mayka
Sub-Saharan Africa
Daniel Hsu
Director of Partnerships