Spensa Technologies

Smart management of insects, weeds, and disease.

Hoop Fund

Hoop Fund allows purchasers of fair-trade goods to make microloans directly to the producers of their products.

Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree teaches farmers to use beekeeping to boost crop yields, increasing beekeepers' income 40%.

Liga Masiva

Liga Masiva directly connects farmers with consumers, pursuing the long-term goal of establishing a worldwide farmers market.

Parvata Foods

Building integrated value chain of organic produce from Sikkim and other North Eastern states.

Wanda Organic

Wanda Organic Ltd focuses on soil health in Africa thereby improving nutrition and productivity.

EFK Group

Jack and Jake’s

Jac & Jake's provides high quality, safe, & affordable local fresh foods from regional farmers and fishermen.

Stony Creek Colors

Stony Creek Colors manufactures sustainable natural indigo dye for denim dyeing for denim mills to replace imported indigo synthesized from coal tar.

Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli is creating an international market for moringa, a green superfood, to improve nutrition & livelihoods for rural women farmers in the developing world


IUNU designs energy efficient plasma lights and management solutions to make indoor farming profitable and environmentally friendly.

Fin Gourmet

Fin Gourmet makes healthy, ready-to-eat foods using Kentucky wild-caught Asian Carp as well as locally-sourced fresh ingredients.

Future Pump

Future Pump produces a solar-powered water pump for use in irrigation.

Ojay Greene

Ojay Greene sources fruits and vegetables directly from smallholder farmers and sells them to high-end markets, principally supermarkets and hotels in Kenya.


Masienda offers the first alternative, vertically-coordinated supply chain solution for non-GMO heirloom corn and companion crops.


Arable enables business intelligence for agricultural enterprises by providing real-time continuous visibility & predictive analytics.

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