Salud Cercana

Salud Cercana democratizes access to healthcare through technological, financial, and service innovation.

Full Harvest

Full Harvest is a B2B platform connecting large farms to food companies to sell surplus and imperfect produce at significantly discounted prices.


M-TriGen manufactures ultra-efficient combined cooling, heat, and power generation systems

Simpa Networks

Simpa Networks has developed an alternative payment mechanism for families, allowing them to purchase home renewable energy kits on loan.


Experience behavior management and PBIS done right.


1DocWay builds telepsychiatry networks for hospitals to help them expand reach and create new revenue streams.


WiseBanyan makes it easy for anyone to get access to money management through customized, easy-to-use portfolio construction and automated rebalancing.

MPOWER Financing

MPOWER Financing provides college financing to high-potential thin-file students who are left out by traditional lenders.

Spensa Technologies

Smart management of insects, weeds, and disease.


Dia-Bese helps patients and care providers manage diabetes and its associated complications through a novel algorithm-driven program.

Green Nerds

Green-Nerdsp rovide innovative technology solutions to address the needs of current environmental challenges around the solid waste management sector.

Kriyate Design

Kriyate has developed the world’s first elevation-technology enabled phone for the visually impaired at a price point that makes it accessible to millions.


NanoPix is an image and video processing product company focusing on socially impactful products bringing value, quality and safety to people.

Pappilon Software

Pappilon Software has developed HealthBooth, a five-minute check-in booth, which is capable of performing health checks for Rs 50 (less than US$1).

Sanchayan Suraksha

Sanchayan Suraksha delivers comprehensive financial planning, literacy & financial services like savings, banking, etc. to low-income BOP populations

Aakar Innovations

Aakar is producing a biodegradable sanitary napkin product for the BoP woman consumer sold by women in a hub & spoke model across India.


Creating the world’s first online hospital providing medical services for people around the globe utilizing Internet and mobile technology.

Seed Business Ventures

Seed Business Ventures practices in agricultural technology through partnerships with farmers, providing them with best-in-breed seeds and farming techniques.

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