Save Energy Systems

Save Energy Systems sells an energy efficiency system to small to mid-size commercial facilities.

infinite Composites Technologies

Infinite Composites Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures advanced gas storage systems for aerospace, industrial gas and transportation applications.

PAX Pure

PAX Pure presents a cutting edge desalination solution developed by pairing fundamental thermodynamic principles with scientific insights from Biomimicry.

e-Chromic Technologies

Reflective electrochromic thin film to retrofit existing windows, transforming ordinary energy wasting windows into highly energy efficient “smart windows.”

Pear Deck

Pear Deck helps teachers hear from every student, every day.

Emrgy Hydro

Emrgy Hydro delivers affordable hydropower in areas not currently considered for energy purposes.


AQUEES helps large buildings reduce water usage and save money by offering a complete solution developed through input from property managers.

Stony Creek Colors

Stony Creek Colors manufactures sustainable natural indigo dye for denim dyeing for denim mills to replace imported indigo synthesized from coal tar.

Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli is creating an international market for moringa, a green superfood, to improve nutrition & livelihoods for rural women farmers in the developing world

Solar Site Design

Solar Site Design is a platform that helps you join the solar industry. We connect you to leading solar partners that pay you for projects you originate.


IUNU designs energy efficient plasma lights and management solutions to make indoor farming profitable and environmentally friendly.

Fin Gourmet

Fin Gourmet makes healthy, ready-to-eat foods using Kentucky wild-caught Asian Carp as well as locally-sourced fresh ingredients.

Future Pump

Future Pump produces a solar-powered water pump for use in irrigation.

Ojay Greene

Ojay Greene sources fruits and vegetables directly from smallholder farmers and sells them to high-end markets, principally supermarkets and hotels in Kenya.


Simulanis develops AR and VR applications to bridge the skills gap and enhance learning by leveraging interactivity and 3D gamification.


Fig Loans

Idle Smart

Idle Smart provides an idle reduction and fleet uptime solution for Class 8 fleets

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